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"This program is a winner!" — Dick Eastman, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

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CURRENT VERSION: 12.3 (14 March 2020)
PRICE: $32.99 USD

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© ("TNG") is a powerful way to manage and display your family tree on your own website, all without generating any static HTML. Instead, your information is stored in a database and the pages are created on demand. All you need is a website and TNG!

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If your hosting provider or web server supports PHP and MySQL (the language and database used by the software), you can set up and run TNG with very little effort. Need a hosting provider?

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  • GEDCOM Import/Export: No need to retype everything.
  • Search: Easy lookup by name, or advanced search on dates, places and more.
  • Dynamic Charts: Pedigree, descendants, relationship, timeline, family group, etc.
  • betternet中文版下载 One person per page, sensible layout, clear navigation.
  • Surname Lists: Quickly display your main lines alphabetically and by popularity.
  • Customizeable: Choose from built-in template designs, purchase one from a third party, or create your own.
  • Security: Create users with various rights, protect living/private data.
  • Media: Upload and link photos, histories, videos, you name it.
  • Administration: Manage everything from a central admin menu.
  • Backup/Restore: Safeguard your data, recover from disaster.
  • Multiple Trees: Host more than one GEDCOM at a time.
  • GENDEX: Add your names to millions of others at betternet破解版最新apk, where researchers can quickly find them on your site.
  • Strong Support: Make use of a forum, a wiki and two mailing lists, or ask the author.
  • Much More: Google Maps, LDS data supported, Cemeteries, Dates & Anniversaries, "What's New", etc. etc.! See a more complete feature list here.


  • DNA: Several significant enhancements have been made to the previous method of tracking DNA tests.
  • Mod Manager: Many improvements have been added to this utility that allows users to easily install or remove code modifications and add-ons.
  • Betternet安卓版下载 TNG has now been translated into Chinese, as well as 20 other languages. Google Translate tools have also been added to the online help pages and the installation guide to allow users to view those resources in their own language.
  • New Design: Three new templates have been added, and improvements have been made to several others. The template settings have also been moved to a more robust location, within the database.
  • Media Enhancements: Many improvements have been made in the way TNG handles photos and other media. These include importing media linked to citations, creating thumbnails from some PDFs, being able to show thumbnails in a single horizontal row if desired, and showing captions on top of image previews.
  • Libraries Upgraded: Third party libraries for jQuery, jQueryUI and PHP Mailer have been upgraded to the latest versions. The C3 and D3 charting libraries have also been added.
  • New Visualizations: A First Names page (like the existing Surnames page) provides a different way to look at your data, and the new C3/D3 charting libraries allow for pie chart representations on those pages and on the Statistics page.
  • Security: The reCaptcha mod has been incorporated, giving TNG site owners a way to fight spam from bots. A few other security updates will prevent unauthorized access in previously vulnerable areas.
  • User Access: Registered site users can now be assigned to multiple trees. Admins and editors will still see only one tree at a time, but they can easily switch from one tree to another without logging in multiple times.
  • New Tools: A “Refresh Living” utility will re-mark people as living or deceased, depending on dates entered or time elapsed from birth, while a “Make Private” tool will mark people as private if they have been deceased less than the configured number of years.
  • Compatibility: Pro-active changes will make sure TNG remains compatible with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Plus more than 50 other improvements! See a complete list of all changes here.

See a fully functional demonstration right now!

Also works with WordPress!

Ready to get started? See instructions on how to get your copy of TNG today.

Upgrading from a previous version? See 僵尸复仇者 - 全球最新射击手游 1.0.1:App 僵尸复仇者 - 全球最新射击手游 在AppStore中共有806个词有排名,其中前三名共有0个词,第4名至第10名共有0个词,第11名至第100名共有.


Need a low-cost hosting provider who supports PHP/MySQL? I recommend Simply Hosting, for only $4.99/month (or less if you pay annually). They're very friendly to TNG users and will even install TNG for you at no extra charge. Plus, they'll give TNG users 50% off their first order!

Here's another option you might look at:

German-speaking users might want to look at this possibility:

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More questions? Contact Darrin directly at darrin@lythgoes.net.
Bored? Read the Betternet安卓.

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"Please add me to your list of happy and very satisfied users. Look at http://www.kloosterman.be and everybody can see for themselves why I am so satisfied with your TNG program. A great genealogy program, very fast, well done, with a lot of possibilities and of course the languages. I'm getting a lot of compliments about my site. I always refer them to you Darrin and tell them that without your excellent program, after sale service, support and your help with the TNG scripts I could not have made such a professional looking website. It is the best program I have seen yet for genealogical websites and the price is a bargain!! You can quote me on that!"

—Cees Kloosterman, The Kloosterman Genealogy at Betternet安卓版下载

—See a short writeup on Cees' site and TNG at RandomGenealogy.com!

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"I am over the moon with the program — I just love it !!"

—Lesley Bray
Bray & McGilvery Ancestry


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